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October 24, 2011

Working with a Home Stager

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How to Tell a Home Stager, "No!"

…signed, The Gorilla House


Someone posted this question on a buyer/seller bulletin board and at first it made me laugh.  Then it became a little disconcerting that someone needed help to say "No" to a stranger in their home, home stager or otherwise.  That's because the first thing I tell a seller who has allowed me into her home to work my magic is, "I don't want to offend you in any way.  My only goal is for your home to sell quickly and for you to get as much money for it as possible, preferably without spending a dime."

That said, sometimes I have to "tell it like it is."  I figure, I charge by the hour, so why waste time being indirect and obscuring my meaning with: "Hmmm, I don't know about this life-sized bronze gorilla smoking the cigar in the corner of your formal dining room…" when I DO know that your home is about to be labeled by buyers as "The Gorilla House" and no one is going to remember the gorgeous crown molding, expensive chandelier and bayed window, so BigBoy here should probably hide under a sheet in the garage.


Feel free to tell me that BigBoy is too heavy to move, that your grandkids love to climb all over him and that, during Christmas, he'll be wearing a Santa cap, thank you very much.


I'll probably reply with something like, "It costs ZERO DOLLARS to move him out, and you're going to be moving him out at some point anyway so you may as well move him out when it can put money in your pocket."


I do understand that this is YOUR home, but it will probably help to start thinking of it as a very expensive product that you're trying to sell; it's no longer your personal refuge.  (And I might be wondering if you are truly ready to let it go; moving from a home where you raised your children and spent some of the happiest times of your life is difficult!)


In the end, not heeding solid advice can cost you in the way of a dropped price and more mortgage payments that you really didn't want to pay because, well, buyers often don't buy a house that they make fun of.  As a professional home stager I try to create reasons for buyers to say "YES!" to your house, and again, if I can do that without spending your money, all the better!


The moral of this story: While it's true that not all home stagers are alike, our goal is usually the same, to help your home sell quickly and for as much as possible.  We can all say "Yes!" to that!


Let me help your home sell faster; contact me today!


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