Shadow a full-time Professional Home Stager who has staged over 7,000 homes!


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Before Picture - Home Staging TrainingThis is exactly what you’ve been trying to find! For two full days, shadow a Home Stager who has staged over 7,000 homes!   

**UPDATE:  My NEW SITE is currently under construction. You may notice  “broken” areas here that cannot be repaired, so I invite you to call or text me: 816-853-5355 . Meanwhile, take a look around to see how I can help you!**

This is NOT a classroom setting. 

It’s NOT a webinar or a home study program with a test that you pass or fail. It’s NOT a franchise with fees and licenses.

Rather, you will attend actual home staging appointments—up After Picture - Home Staging Trainingto six total, of paying clients, NOT homes where staging has been offered free for the sake of training. During this time you will…

  • Meet real clients: excited, stressed, wary, easy-going, and all things in between.
  • Experience the first impression that a house is making on a buyer, and learn how to work with that information.
  • Watch a home being staged using only what the seller owns, room by room.
  • Hear how to motivate sellers and overcome resistance.
  • Assess which, if any, cosmetic changes will be beneficial and budget-friendly.
  • Learn how to downplay a home’s unchangeable negatives and accentuate it’s positive features, without deceiving buyers.
  • See how to make a home more memorable than its competition.
  • Experience how it’s possible to stage a home in two hours, maximizing your income potential.

The Home Stager Training fee of $1,695 covers two full days of home stager training (up to 6 homes), two dinners, a Home Stager’s Manual, and the following  Home Staging Samples and Forms  ( (all sent via E-mail):

  • Home Staging List of Services and Prices
  • Home Staging Marketing Cover Letters to Realtors®
  • Home Staging Invoice Sample
  • Home Staging Accessory Contract Sample  
  • Home Staging Checklist for Consultations
  • Home Staging Business Plan
  • Sample Scope of Work
  • Sample Business Financials and Expense Forms
  • (Home Staging Report samples are contained in the Manual)

Our Itinerary: Each day I will either pick you up at your nearby hotel, or you will meet me at my home and I will drive us to the Home Staging appointments. At dinner afterwards—my treat!—we build on what you’ve just experienced and discuss topics such as marketing. On Day Two we repeat the above, including dinner—again, my treat!

People learn differently and bring a variety of life experiences to the Home Stager Training. While I follow an outline to cover everything in a logical order, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss concerns that are specific to your situation. That’s the benefit of one-on-one Home Stager Training. This is about YOU and what you personally need to build a successful Home Staging service!

First things first…

Step 1:  Reach out if you have questions.
Step 2:   If you will be flying into the Kansas City International Airport (MCI), research availability for flights and best prices. Also, visit for info on nearby hotels (ask about airport pick-up and drop-off.)  
Step 3:  As your Start Date approaches you will be issued an invoice via PayPal. A $20 PayPal Fee is added if you pay with PayPal. Money Orders are accepted (without the Fee). You are encouraged to schedule a teleconference prior to registration with any questions.  Don’t forget to purchase your airline tickets and make hotel reservations! [Read answers to FAQs]
Cancellations / Refunds:  A full refund will be given with cancellation received as late as 9:00 a.m., Day One of training. Once training has begun, no refund will be made. Training dates can be rescheduled and the tuition re-applied in the event of an emergency or bad weather. Any refunds will apply to your payment method. 

Guarantee:  The information provided in the Manual and Training is to help you start your own Home Staging Service. What you DO with this information is up to you. Due to the proprietary nature of the information being provided, there is NO money-back guarantee or warranty. Essentially, I cannot retrieve the information from your memory! That said, I do guarantee that you will be provided with everything I have learned about running a highly successful Home Staging service in the Kansas City area.

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Thank you, and see you soon!