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November 12, 2008

Home-Based Business Uses Your Passion

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Is Interior Decorating Your Passion?

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day of your life." The idea is that if you love what you do for a living, it never really feels like work. 

I love staging homes: rearranging furniture, treasure-hunting in a home for a forgotten piece, reworking a jammed-up bookcase, fixing a space that has been a problem since move-in day, hearing the delighted comments from people who love their home and can't wait to show it off to friends and family. What I do is personally gratifying, physically exhausting, and a perfect fit for both my personality and talent.

Not everything in our lives can be this way, but isn't it great when we find our bliss in the way we earn a living? 

A guy called the other day wanting to train with me so he could start a home staging business. I asked him if he has always loved working in his own home. No, he replied, his wife did all that. He was in I.T. and was getting bored with it and thought he could make a living painting rooms. I suggested that he might not be very happy as a home stager, and to consider stripping wallpaper and painting instead, since that is what he likes and there is a need for contractors who actually show up and do a good job–quickly–for a decent price.

I believe that there is direct correlation between our passion and our talent. Just as we may not like something that we're unfamiliar with, the opposite may also be true: the more we love something the more we gravitate toward it and the better we may be at it. 

What's interesting is that we often don't consider turning something we enjoy into a business, mostly because we'd do it for free. But does work always have to be, well, work?   

If your passion is interior design but the idea of returning to school for a few years to earn a degree isn't what you have in mind, becoming a Home Stager is a great way to use your talent and start doing what you love. I can help you get started. Order my Manual, "Secrets of a Home Stager" and read your way to success, or Train with me, one-on-one, and start living your passion TODAY rather than "some day."

One of my favorite quotes–and I don't know who said it–is:  "What we are is our gift from God; what we become is our gift to God."  Here's to gifts, passions and bliss!

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