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September 25, 2012

House Flippers: Sell Your Home to Women, First!

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There’s a saying: “Women Buy Houses; Men Buy Basements & Garages.”


Plainly speaking, if the house doesn’t blow HER skirt up, it ain’t gettin’ bought! Sure, there may be a couple of women who don’t need to have a say in what their home looks like, but I’ve not met them. So, Mr. or Ms. House Flipper, here’s how to help her say “YES!” to the house:


Master Closet
If you can figure out how to give her a huge walk-in closet without turning the house into a 2-bedroom, you’ll have her undying gratitude. At the very least, customize the closet with double-hanging bars and shelving.
In the kitchen, in the master suite, basement, over the cars in the garage, anywhere else you can think of. Don’t finish every square inch in the basement and leave no space for the bins of stuff.
Off with the paneling! Give her light or give her directions to the next listing.
Pretty Finishes
It’s important to “bring it” at this phase. When selecting tile, counters, wall paint color, flooring, light fixture style, etc., ask a home stager, a female Realtor, girlfriend or wife, or ask three random women at the home improvement store, preferably women wearing lipstick. Heads-Up: Interior Designers typically “design to live” rather than “stage to sell”, so be careful not to design your flip into a too-trendy corner.
Tricked-out Kitchen
The kitchen MUST have a dishwasher that runs on electricity rather than a two-legged 12-year-old that runs on high-fructose corn syrup. Also, if there will be no counter space when the microwave moves in, build one into a cabinet or on a wall shelf. And light: sun tube, skylight, under-cabinet lighting, glass-block back splash, windows, just get it in there somehow. A built-in trash cabinet is very cool, too. And did I mention storage? If it’s in a center island with space for bar seating, even better.
The Woman Perch 
Equivalent to the Man Cave, the Woman Perch would be a screened-in porch. This will buy a LOT of forgiveness for other things that might be missing.
If the home has space for a media room, if it has a newer roof and HVAC system, and there is nothing on the Honey-Do list, You, Mr. or Ms. House Flipper Who Leaves Absofreakinlutely Nothing Left Undone, will have just won over The Man, too.
Saving someone money is one of my favorite things to do, so let me know if I can help you get the most bang for your updating bucks! Tip: Contact Me before you spend a dime!
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