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January 17, 2011

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How to Choose the Right Home Stager

One of my Realtor® clients said to me recently, "I can always tell when I'm touring a home that you've staged. It's like recognizing an artist's paintings." I beamed, of course, but the reality is, Yes, I tend to arrange furnishings in a specific way, but style isn't the only way to distinguish one Stager from another.


Price is another. As one Realtor® said to me after meeting a new Stager, "She thinks she's going to get rich on a couple of staging jobs each month." The reality is that Sellers usually don't have the luxury of time; they need to be on the market, like, yesterday. Therefore, I show up at a staging job prepared to start moving things around. (After close to 4,500 homes ya kinda get the hang of it!)


I sometimes hear, "Your job looks fun; I could do this." I'll look at their home and think to myself, "But you don't care about your own home; this isn't your passion." Unfortunately, there are some untalented people staging homes that I will be called to re-stage when the first Realtor® and Stager couldn't sell it.


Some Interior Designers are trying their hand at staging. They may be talented but they tend to over-stuff the home with furnishings (that's usually how they make their money), resulting in beautiful but distracting decor. Buyers leave the beautiful room without seeing what they're buying. One tell-tale sign is a fireplace hearth that's covered with decor to the point where you don't see the actual fireplace. Yes,  your eye is drawn to the fireplace, but all you see is its decor.


The goal, for me, is to create a balance of beauty, space and function. The home should overwhelm the decor, not the other way around.


Visit the Stager's Web site to see finished products…entire rooms, not just vignettes of a chair, table, lamp and picture. Buyers aren't purchasing a little corner of furniture, they're purchasing a home. Click here to see my Portfolio, or click here to Schedule an Appointment. I'll see you soon!


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