View Home Staging Before and After photos and read a sampling of positive responses received from Trainees, Manual purchasers, and Home Staging Clients!

"Thank you for the Home Stager Manual…"

“Hey Cynthia, Just finished your [home staging book] and I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with it!  What a treasure trove of information!  I've been scouring the web for the past few weeks, trying to find any and all resources about home staging that I could get my hands on.  I thought I had compiled a fairly good collection of information, until I got a hold of your [home staging book] – WOW – it's incredibly detailed, as well as extraordinarily comprehensive!  And very easy to read and understand.  Thanks so much!” —Cheryl F.

“Dear Cynthia, Just wanted to send you a big 'Thank You!' for the very well-written [home staging book].  I had ordered one that cost $97 and left me with even more questions once I had read it.  I am half way through yours and find it to be very motivating, informative and a real confidence builder (which is really what I need at this point).  I found out about you on a web site where people were asking about what [home staging books] to purchase, so that should be a great compliment to you and your work!” —Ingela E.

“Cynthia, I received your home staging manual on Saturday and can't put it down!  It is wonderful.  This is just what I have needed to get my staging business off the ground.  The information you provide is worth more than what you charge but I commend you on keeping your prices affordable in order to help new stagers…God will reward you!  Your ideas are so original and so well thought out and you put so much detail into your explanations… Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for so graciously sharing your talents with others!” —Judy K.

“Just a quick note to acknowledge that I have received your [home staging book].  As a design veteran and marketing/sales director for design firms, I was pleasantly surprised to find it informative, targeted and very well written.  I applaud your marketing focus.  You are obviously a pro!” —Lydia D.

“Dear Cynthia, Your [home staging book] is a fabulous guide.  I have ordered two [others] and yours is by far the most thorough.  I refer to yours over and over.” —Kristina W.

“Dear Cynthia, Thank you for forwarding your [home staging book].  I was a little apprehensive at the beginning about sending money to an unknown source… Then, your package arrived!  Cynthia, you should be so proud of yourself… this is filled with wonderful information.  You're a great writer and clearly put a lot of thought into organizing your experience in print.” —Yvonne H.

“Thank you for your wonderful [home staging book].  It has made starting my home staging business easier by breaking everything down into small steps.  I had more progress in two weeks after reading the [home staging book] than I had in the six weeks prior!  Also, thanks for the support… I would recommend your [home staging book] to anyone interested in starting their own business (as long as they don't live within 50 miles of me!)  Again, thanks.” —Cyndi S.

“Hello, First let me say that so far your [home staging book] has been invaluable.  I have already staged two homes and it was right on.  I also spoke with a real estate agent and your tips and benefits to them were invaluable.  It made me feel very informed.” —Mary Z.

“Hi Cynthia! I received your [home staging book] Friday, and I couldn't wait to read right through it!  It is awesome!  My husband even took it away from me and wouldn't let me have it back.  He got very excited about the idea of me really doing this.  We were in Atlanta in October, and we entered the hotel lobby, and I thought immediately that I would just sneak down in the middle of the night and rearrange the furniture!  It was so uninviting!  My husband just rolled his eyes!  I think it might be that we have a disease or something…” —Suzanne G.

“Hi Cynthia, I am still re-reading your [home staging book] which is full of yellow highlights!  What a tremendous value!  It's the best book I've found on Home Staging!” —Lori E.

"Thank you for the Realtor® as Stager Manual…"

“Last night I sat down to enjoy your Realtor as Stager book…Wonderful!  Well-written and respectful and helpful to me as a Realtor. Thank you very much.”  —Ann H., Realtor®

"Thank you for the Home Stager Training…"

“Dear Cynthia, Carrie and I had such a great time [home staging training] with you in Kansas City!  You had so many valuable tips and so much insight to share with us… I feel much more confident now and ready to take on this exciting adventure!  Thank you SO much for allowing us to be a part of everything!  The two days went by too quickly!” —Bradi & Carrie R., Katy, TX

“The hands-on home staging training course I received from Cynthia was most beneficial and really helped me address all the concerns I had about starting my home staging business.  It was wonderful to see a professional in action and to know that not only do I have a knack for this business, but that it is doable.  No classroom, book or school could teach you the concepts taught to me by Cynthia.  This course exceeded my expectations, the trip was successful in every way!  Cynthia was professional, she was detailed, a great teacher and covered every aspect of the home staging business as well as addressed all questions and concerns I had.  Everything went smooth from picking me up each day to our wonderful dinners on The Plaza.  If you are looking to start your home staging business and don't know where to begin call Cynthia; forget the classroom, spend time with Cynthia—you will not be sorry you did. When you come home, you will be ready to open up your home staging business and have all the tools you need.  The home staging training, for me, had great value!  Thank you, Cynthia, for a wonderful experience.” —Candida M., Princeton, NJ

"Thank you for your Home Staging work…"

“Cynthia, Thanks for the staging you did at our house.  The first person to look at it offered us a full price contract!” —Barbara Y.

“Hi Cynthia, [client] told me how happy she is with your work!  She especially pointed out your professionalism, organization and your consideration of the children when you staged their rooms.  She loves the transformation you achieved in their house, which also makes it seem larger!  Thank you for a job well done—we appreciate you!” —Ana R.

“Cynthia, Thank you for serving my clients beyond their expectations and mine!” —Bonnie H.

“Cynthia, [client's] house just sold.  You staged it.  Great story: Two well-known agents had it on the market.  Each for 3 months.  Started at $359,000 and dropped to $324,950.  Both lost the listing and it didn't sell.  A little over 3 months go by.  The seller now doesn't have a relo package and can't sell so low.  The days on the market start over.  We preview a lot and do everything else.  You stage it.  It sells in 65 days for $343,950—$19,000 more than priced before and a crazy market! 🙂 :-)” —Tami & Jeff J.

“Hi Cynthia, [client] is singing your praises—you really did some miracle work.  I went by on Saturday and the change is just fantastic.  [Client] really liked you and your willingness to get in there and physically help her do things.  Thanks and you will be recommended by me!” —Kathy L.

“Great job on [client’s] home.  You had little to work with, but what an improvement!” —John S.

“You did a good job [for client].  While we were putting the sign in the yard on Sunday a couple rode by with their agent, came in and bought it!” —Sherry W.

“Good Morning Cynthia.  You did a WONDERFUL job on this house!!!  AND it went under contract yesterday—we had 2 offers at the same time.  They got OVER list price and I think much of that is due to the work you did.” —Mary Anne E.

“Good morning Cynthia.  GREAT news, SOLD the house the FIRST day on market to the FIRST buyers to see it!  It doesn't get any better than that.  You did a fantastic job!” —Sherry B.

[Inner-office Email] “CYNTHIA BLACK IS FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Great ideas, exceptional suggestions for clients.  She is worth the money.  An absolute A+.” —Sandy J.

“Cynthia, You have a wonderful way with clients and I very much appreciated your thorough, courteous and truthful suggestions… I look forward to working with you again in the near future.” —Dee Dee W.

“Cynthia, Thanks for the wild tornado staging of [client's] house. Accomplishing that much in 2 hours is pretty amazing.  And the house looks wonderful.” —Alice S.

[Inner-office E-mail] “To All: I have used Cynthia on a number of my sales, even the ones that already looked good.  She is awesome and adds so much for relatively little.  [Home Staging] is also a good house-warming gift for relo's moving in that have moved so many times and nothing works any more in their decor scheme.  She can make it work.  Use her and see what a difference she can make in the time span your listings sell.” —Brenda C.

“Cynthia, [Clients] both raved about you and all that you did.  It definitely was an improvement and they were so excited.  We think the loft and sun room were fabulous improvements… You have a gentle way of working with everyone as no one seems offended by all your changes, which I'm sure isn't an easy thing to do.  We appreciate all you have done.” —Marilee & Cathy

“Cynthia, Thanks for staging this home.  [Client] loved it!!  A lot isn't going her way right now.  She said even when she gets down she loves her house! :-)” —Tami J.

“Dear Cynthia: Just a note to thank you for all of your help in staging my house prior to showings.  My house sold so quickly and I am sure your efforts certainly contributed toward that quick sale.  I had never been through the staging process so I am sure I was not your most cooperative client but I appreciated your patience and persistence.  When I was packing to move, I was so grateful that many of the items were already packed and stored.  I blessed you many times that week for your help.  I also want to thank you for all of the information that you shared with me on design concepts.  I don’t know whether you realize it or not but working with you during the staging process is almost like a mini design seminar.  Many of the tips have stuck with me and I have incorporated them into my new home.  Once again, thank you so much for your assistance.” —Connie H.

“I can always tell when I'm touring a home that you've staged.  It's like recognizing an artist's paintings.” —Ana R.

[office E-mail] "I can't say enough amazing things about Cynthia. She does staging on all of my homes. Her follow-up is a 10, her work is a 10, she gets homes sold…Cynthia is the best stager ever. She rocks. Highly recommend!" —Sharon A.


[Email received]: "Just sent your name to the entire office. Told them that if they didn't use you they were nuts!" —Twyla R.


[And my personal favorite…] "You could make a turd look good!" —Beth K.