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January 11, 2011

Home Seller Listing Flyers for Marketing

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Where to Place the Marketing Flyers Inside the Listing?

I probably shouldn't care about this, but I do. Staging is often about controlling the buyers' experience when touring a home. For example, I prefer that the bedroom closet doors be shut. I want buyers to enter the room, turn the doorknob and see the closet up-close, rather than pass over it with their eyes from the room's entry, seeing hangers and shoes and multi-color clothing.

I prefer that buyers sloooooow dowwwwwwwn. We need them to see beyond the furnishings…to see what they're buying. 

That's why home staging isn't just about removing clutter. It's a calculated arrangement of furnishings, creating a place for the eye to land, rest, and move on to the next thing. After staging an area I'll often step back to the room's entry to check my work, to see how everything sets up. Items in the foreground can affect items in the background. A lamp shade can block a fireplace, even if it's twelve feet away!

Sometimes I'll arrive to stage a home and the sales literature area is set up in the kitchen. Yes, everyone is going to visit the kitchen so initially that makes sense. However, do we really want buyers reading a piece of paper about the house when they're standing in one of the most important rooms of that house? Plus, when they enter the kitchen they see a bunch of paper covering all-important counter space. The best way to see counter space is to, well, SEE the uncovered counter space!

I prefer that the sales literature area be set up on the dining room table, or on a foyer table. These tables are usually closest to the front door so a flyer can be picked up before the tour begins, before buyers get into the groove of touring the home. The buyer's agent can be reading from the flyer during the tour, too.

Even if there is no space for a foyer table and the dining room is further into the home, the dining room isn't as important as other rooms, so again, any reading shouldn't distract buyers because they'll see key features when approaching the room such as a bayed window, updated chandelier or a gorgeous view.

Paying attention to every detail is the essence of staging a home for sale. As they say, "You only get one chance to make a great first impression!"

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