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Typical comments heard at a Home Staging appointment:

  • “I wish I’d known about you years ago!”
  • “I can’t believe this is my stuff!”
  • “Can you help me with my new home?”
  • “This wasn’t as scary as I though it would be!”
  • “I’ve struggled with this room for years and you fixed it in 10 minutes!”
  • “This has been the best part of the selling process!”

Often I am asked, “What can I be working on before you arrive?” In general:

  1. Get rid of what you no longer need, use or like. You will handle everything you own at least six times: pack it, move the box to storage, storage to the truck, truck to the new house, unpack it, and find a place for it in your new home. If you don’t love it, handle it once and haul it away. Also, if you are paying a company to move you, not only are you handling it six times but you’re buying it all again!
  2. Organize your master closet first. It’s the most important closet in the house and you don’t want to burn out on the other closets before you get to it. Once it’s out of the way the others seem much easier. Keep only items that you wear. Remove suitcases, wrapping paper, guns, taxes, blankets, pillows, towels, vacuum cleaner, etc. Those items belong elsewhere and your “storage” needs to make sense to buyers.
  3. Complete your punch-list of touch-ups, repairs, honey-dos, installations, caulking, and scheduling vendors. Everyone is jammed up in the “high selling season” so get on their schedule if you have a deadline you’re shooting to hit!
  4. Plan your work, work your plan. If you are overwhelmed by the ginormous task of moving, spend some quiet time creating a list of everything you must do. Get it out of your head and onto paper. Put it into a logical sequence, and lay that sequence on a calendar. I can help you prioritize, use your budget wisely, and determine which updates will best help you. As for creative SHORT CUTS and IDEAS I got a million of ’em!
  5. Downsizing? I can help you transform the way you think about your stuff and your home. If you’re getting bogged down and have thought, “What if I need this? But it was Mom’s. My kids might want this. It was a gift. Someone important made this. This means a lot to me [but it’s been in the basement for six years]. What am I going to do with all of this STUFF!?” I can help transform the way you see your things and the place they have in your life. It’ll truly rock your beliefs to the core!

I believe…

…organizers are hoarders with bins.

…like goldfish, we all grow to the size of our container.

…clutter affects us physically, and not in a good way.

…we can be living in a version of our “dream home” NOW!

…we all accumulate, but we do better when we know better.

I am DEDICATED to freedom from the dysfunction of our storage. If you want more life and less stuff, call today!

Cynthia Gentry Black 816-853-5355

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