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Before Picture - Be A Home StagerDo you often wish you could be an interior decorator, but you don’t want to return to school for a degree in interior design? 

Do your friends ask you to help with their homes?  Have you always wanted to start your own business? 

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We’re all talented at something.  If arranging furnishings is one of your gifts, then you can create a Home Staging Business and spend your days rearranging furnishings to make homes more marketable.  You Before Picture - Be A Home Stagercan realize your dream! [Blog: Home-Based Business Uses Your Passion]

It’s a simple concept: A home that looks good sells faster, and a home that sells faster typically sells for more than if it had sat on the market for three months.

An unappealing home sits on the market longer, will undergo a price reduction or two before selling, and builds stress for the seller who is anxious to sell! The need is great. You can fill that need!

Learn From a Full-Time Professional Home Stager with 17 years of Field Experience and over 7,000 homes staged!

Now Available: A Manual, Training at actual appointments, and Coaching via telephone.

My Story: When I started out in May of 1999 HGTV was just a gardening and decorating show. The few people in the country who staged homes for sale had a warehouse filled with furnishings. I didn’t want the hassle and expense of movers, storage, breakage and contracts.

I didn’t want to waltz in to a seller’s home, compile a multi-page to-do list, then waltz out leaving them overwhelmed and under-served.

What did I want? The satisfaction of taking something and making it better. I wanted to DO the de-cluttering and rearranging. I wanted to feel the love after transforming a home. And I wanted a full schedule!

I tapped into my God-given talent and many years of experience in marketing. I figured out what worked (and what didn’t). I found that most people have enough stuff and simply need to have it edited, reworked, repurposed. Quickly.

And I kept getting calls from people who wanted to shadow me, work for free as an assistant to learn from me. Meanwhile, I learned that not everyone who thinks they could do this, should do this! And many people who are immensely talented are doing something quite the opposite, like banking.

When I first wrote “Secrets of a Home Stager: How to Create Your Own Home Staging Service,” the response was huge. Since then, a few updates have been made, and I’m excited to report that the Manual has been sold throughout the world.

Because people want to “shadow” me I offer Home Stager Training.

And because people want to brainstorm along the way, I offer Home Stager Coaching.

I have been blessed with talent and a successful business that typically has three appointments booked each day [FAQ: Can a home really be staged in 2 hours?]. What I do is very satisfying and it helps a lot of people. Plus, I like that all of my hard work benefits my bottom line, not an employer’s!

How do you learn: Reading or Experiencing?

Manual or One-On-One Training or Coaching? People learn in different ways and have different needs. Read your way to success, receive one-on-one field training in actual sellers’ homes, or call me when you need a breakthrough. You will learn from a full-time Home Stager who has staged over 7,000 homes.

  • How Home Staging is different from interior design
  • Develop your Stager’s Eye
  • Tap into the Home Stager’s market
  • Define & price your services 
  • Market your services (without advertising)
  • Furniture assessment & arrangement
  • Rework accessories & artwork
  • Zero-cost & low-cost design tips
  • Deal with sensitive issues (AND sensitive sellers!)
  • Motivation tools for sellers (with dialogue examples)
  • Prioritizing a To-Do List (painting, cleaning, shopping, updating, etc.) to maximize time & budget
  • Business considerations (including Home Staging forms)
  • Your schedule
  • Offer furniture & accessories (when and if you’re ready)
  • Grow your business in specialized areas

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The Home Stager Training Manual   [click here to Order]

Initially written for aspiring Home Stagers in January of 2000, “Secrets of a Home Stager: How to Create Your Own Home Staging Service” has been revised as the industry has changed.  Thousands of people from all over the World have purchased the Manual. Other organizations and trainers have used my Manual to research their own Home Stager training programs! 

Like a road map, the Home Stager training manual can help you avoid wrong turns while showing you the fastest way to become established and build your Home Staging service. There are no strings attached, no franchise fees, no annual dues, just you, your ambition, your talent, and your copy of my Manual.  [Read what others have said after reading their Home Stager training manual.] 

NOTE: Due to state Tax Law and territory preservation, the Home Stager training manual may not be used in the states of Missouri and Kansas, nor may it be sold to persons living in the states of Missouri and Kansas, whether directly or indirectly. For those purchasing the One-On-One Training in Missouri and Kansas, the Home Stager training manual and Home Staging literature samples are included as your reference material.

One-On-One Home Stager Training  [click here for the Registration Form]

This is NOT a classroom setting or a Home Staging Webinar. For two full days you will accompany me to actual Home Staging appointments—up to three each day—to observe how I work.  These Home Staging appointments are for actual paying clients with varying needs and challenges, NOT homes where staging has been offered free for the sake of training!  During this time you will:

  • Meet real clients: excited, stressed, wary, easy-going, and all things in between.
  • See the first impression that a home is making and how to work with that information.
  • Start the process and conduct the home tour.
  • Home Staging, a room-by-room approach.
  • Hear how to overcome resistance and motivate sellers. 
  • Determine the best use of a seller’s budget, if necessary. 
  • Learn how to downplay a home’s unchangeable negatives and accentuate it’s positive features, without deceiving buyers.
  • See how to make a home more memorable than its competition.
  • Receive a copy of the Home Staging Manual & literature samples that include sample Business Forms, Description of Home Staging Services & Fees, Consultation Checklist, Home Staging Business Plan, Bookkeeping Forms. 
  • Dinner both evenings—my treat!

The Benefit of One-on-One Training or Coaching: People learn differently and have a variety of life experiences. This is about what YOU personally need to create your successful Home Staging service. Contact me to schedule your personalized coaching session.

Becoming a Home Stager could be the best decision you’ve ever made!


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